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triangle-right CASE STUDY

Boots Opticians

The challenge

Boots Opticians sought to broaden the perception of contact lens wearers, demonstrating their suitability for a wider range of demographics and activities.


Our solution

Leveraging existing insights, Owen identified a significant potential for expansion. Research indicated that 98% of individuals using glasses could also comfortably wear contact lenses. This finding presented a substantial opportunity to reach a broader audience.

  • Campaign Concept: Building on this data-driven insight, Owen developed the engaging tagline "Contact lenses for almost everyone... Even superheroes." This playful approach challenged the perception that only specific individuals could wear contacts and positioned them as an empowering tool for everyone.
  • Inclusive Storytelling: The creative content was aimed towards a diverse age range, including older children, engaging in activities typically associated with difficulty while wearing glasses, such as playing sports or performing superhero activities. This approach visually demonstrated the potential benefits of contact lenses for various demographics and lifestyles.
  • Family Focus: By depicting a father and son dressed as superheroes, the campaign evoked a sense of connection and shared experience. This resonated with families seeking solutions for both themselves and their children, contributing to a broader appeal.


The campaign successfully challenged existing perceptions and expanded the target audience for Boots Opticians' contact lenses. By showcasing the functionality and versatility of contact lenses, Owen helped Boots Opticians reach a wider customer base.


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