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DM campaign.

The challenge

Nespresso® Professional tasked us with designing and executing a direct mail campaign to increase brand awareness and generate interest in the Zenius coffee machine among decision-makers within SMEs located in London's affluent retail districts.  

To achieve this objective, we needed to:

  • Target the right audience: Identify and compile a targeted list of 20,000 HQ offices in the specified affluent London areas which was shortlisted to 10,000.
  • Craft a compelling design: Design a direct mail piece that clearly communicates the spring offer (80% off the Zenius machine), highlights the machine's USPs, and emphasises Nespresso's sustainability initiatives.
  • Integrate a trackable element: Include a unique QR code  to allow Nespresso to track campaign engagement (scans) and sales.
  • Personalise and distribute: Personalise each envelope with the head office address for a professional touch and manage the printing and distribution of the 10,000 direct mail pieces.

Our solution

Leveraging the hero campaign creative, we developed a visually impactful 4-page direct mail (DM) piece. The DM incorporated:

  • Cohesive and impressive imagery: High-quality visuals showcased the Zenius machine and various Nespresso photography, highlighting their key USPs
  • Key branding: Prominent placement of the Nespresso logo, typeface and consistent brand colours ensured instant brand recognition and a professional feel.
  • Clear call to action: A compelling message highlighted the limited-time 80% discount offer and the benefits of owning a Zenius machine, such as its compact size, efficiency, and variety of coffee options.
  • Unique QR code: The code, strategically placed, encouraged recipients to scan and learn more about the offer, potentially leading to a purchase.

By combining strategic targeting, captivating creative, and a clear call to action, our DM campaign aimed to effectively generate interest in the Zenius machine and drive potential sales for Nespresso® Professional.

The outcome

The DM was successfully posted to 10,000 targeted businesses in affluent London areas, promoting the Zenius coffee machine offer and Nespresso's sustainability efforts. 


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