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triangle-right CASE STUDY

P&O Cruises
Direct mail.

The challenge

Our team was tasked with the exciting project of crafting direct mail pieces for P&O Cruises, tailored specifically for split testing new audience segmentation strategies. Each direct mail piece had to resonate with different segments of the audience, ensuring that our messaging and creative would effectively engage with each group.


Our solution

Audience Segmentation: Defined distinct groups based on demographics, interests, and travel preferences.

Tailored Offers & Messaging: Created unique offers and messaging for each segment, addressing specific motivations (e.g., exclusive discounts for families, and limited-time upgrades for couples).

Dynamic Content: Integrated dynamic elements (e.g., personalised greetings, relevant imagery) to personalise each mail piece and enhance engagement.



Successful new audience segmentation was defined who each received carefully curated DM pieces, designed to drive response rates and bookings. 


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