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P&O Cruises
On board spend.

The challenge

P&O Cruises aimed to increase onboard revenue generation while ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for passengers. The challenge lay in encouraging guests to spend more without compromising their satisfaction. Owen was tasked with assisting in the production of a wide range of onboard communications across digital and traditional print media. 


Our solution

Owen collaborated with P&O Cruises to develop a comprehensive communication strategy encompassing both digital and traditional media.

Targeted Offers & Experiences: A diverse suite of communications was created, highlighting enticing offers across various onboard categories, including dining, entertainment, spa services, and shore excursions. These offers were strategically designed to cater to diverse preferences and ensure relevance for different passenger segments.

Showcasing Unique Entertainment: Owen incorporated P&O Cruises' existing lineup of unique onboard entertainment, including themed parties and live performances, into the communication materials. This strategy aimed to pique passenger interest and encourage participation in these activities, thereby increasing onboard spending.

Promoting Wellness & Relaxation: Recognising the growing demand for self-care, Owen helped highlight P&O Cruises' onboard spa and wellness services. Special packages were crafted to encourage indulgence and relaxation, contributing to a holistic and enriching cruise experience.


A successful suite of onboard spend material to help drive additional revenue whilst maintaining high customer experiences.


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