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The challenge

PepsiCo's introduction of Drinkfinity represented a bold foray into direct-to-consumer e-commerce, a first for the company known for its global beverage and snack brands. Drinkfinity, a healthy, squash-like drink that utilises innovative plastic pods added to water, targets a younger, health-conscious demographic seeking choice, sustainability, wellness, and personalisation in their purchases. This ecommerce-only brand, initially trialed in Brazil and expanded to the US, UK, and Europe, aimed to carve out a unique space in the market, diverging from PepsiCo's traditional product offerings.

The challenge was multifaceted. PepsiCo needed to navigate the complexities of launching a new, online-only product in a competitive beverage market while addressing the growing consumer demand for sustainable and health-conscious options. The task was to effectively communicate Drinkfinity's value proposition—its unique pod system, emphasis on health and sustainability, and personalised approach to hydration—to a European audience with diverse languages and cultural nuances. Additionally, the brand sought to establish a robust online presence that could foster direct relationships with consumers, collect valuable customer insights, and drive ecommerce sales.


Our solution

Leveraging Owen's expertise in B2B2C marketing, we crafted a comprehensive strategy to support Drinkfinity's launch in the Netherlands, focusing on our strengths in digital and customer experience strategy, communications planning, and innovative brand activations.

Multilingual Product Manuals: Understanding the importance of accessibility and clarity in communication, we developed product manuals in various European languages. This ensured that Drinkfinity's innovative concept was easily understandable to a diverse European audience, facilitating a smooth customer experience from the outset.

Adapted TVC for Digital Platforms: To maximize the reach and impact of Drinkfinity's marketing content, we edited the supplied TV commercial (TVC) into various formats suitable for social media and display advertising. This adaptation ensured that the Drinkfinity message was optimized for engagement across different digital channels, capturing the attention of the target audience through compelling visual storytelling.

Breakthrough Brand Activation Ideas: To create buzz and drive engagement, we were commissioned to come up with innovative brand activation concepts. These activations were designed to embody Drinkfinity's core values—choice, sustainability, wellness, and personalization—while engaging consumers in memorable, interactive experiences. Through these activations, we sought to not only introduce Drinkfinity to the market but to also create a movement that resonated with the health-conscious, environmentally aware European consumer.

The outcome

The launch of Drinkfinity in the Netherlands exemplified how traditional companies like PepsiCo can successfully venture into new markets with innovative products. By leveraging Owen's strategic marketing expertise and adopting a consumer-centric approach, Drinkfinity was able to navigate the challenges of entering a competitive beverage market, establish a meaningful brand presence, and pave the way for future growth and innovation.


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