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Crafting an effective strategy for moment marketing with category entry points.

In the world of business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) marketing, understanding the who, what, when, where, and why of consumer behaviour is crucial to developing effective campaigns. It's a complex but rewarding challenge to address the needs of both businesses and end consumers. To tackle this, let's dive into a strategic approach that leverages insights from the category entry points and consumer behaviour models to position your brand as the go-to option for your target audience.


Understanding Category Entry Points

Category Entry Points (CEPs) form the backbone of our advertising strategy. By identifying the designated triggers, we can craft communications that enable brands to resonate with consumers during key moments. Take, for instance, the reasons (WHY) consumers might choose a brand like Snickers. Whether they need a quick energy boost after work (WHEN) or are looking for a convenient option during their commute (WHERE), pinpointing these entry points can lead to hyper-targeted marketing efforts.

In the B2B2C model, it's also essential to consider the social contexts (WITH WHOM) which may influence buying decisions, such as shared meals with colleagues or family outings. Another vital aspect is knowing what other products or occasions (WITH WHAT) might pair with yours, creating opportunities for cross-promotions or co-branding ventures.

Dissecting the Consumer Behaviour Model

Shifting gears to consumer psychology, the behaviour model illustrated by the second image showcases the combination of situation, motivation, and expected outcomes. This clear mapping serves as a foundation for messaging that hits home:

  • Situation: Identify when your target is most likely to need your product.
  • Motivation: Pinpoint the drivers behind the consumer’s impulse or decision to purchase.
  • Expected Outcome: Focus on the result or the value addition that the consumer anticipates.

Taking the Snickers example, the situation could be a mid-afternoon slump when energy is waning. The motivation might be a desire for a quick, satisfying snack, and the expected outcome is a resurgence of energy to power through the day.

Weaving CEPs with the Behaviour Model for Moment Marketing

By combining these models, we create a powerful framework for 'moment marketing' — delivering the right message at the right time. Let’s contextualise this with a campaign concept for McDonald’s.

  • Situation: A busy professional boarding a train for the morning commute. 
  • CEP WHY: They are seeking a quick but fulfilling breakfast option (motivation driven by time constraint). 
  • CEP WHERE: They are likely to purchase this at the train station or through an app while en route (spatial factors). 
  • Behaviour Model Expected Outcome: They want to feel satiated until lunchtime.

Now, to bring this to life let’s craft a blog post that could be a part of a wider marketing campaign for McDonald’s with this strategy in mind:

Blog Post: “McMorning Magic: Start Your Commute with a Smile!”

Are you someone who rushes out the door each morning, a to-do list a mile long before even reaching the office? Hold that train door — McDonald’s has got your back! With our McMorning selection, available all morning, say goodbye to lacklustre breakfasts and hello to a delicious start that fits perfectly with your bustling commute.

Why settle for a sad desk breakfast when you can indulge in an Egg McMuffin® at the station? With convenient locations and our speedier-than-ever service, we’ve turned the question of "where to grab breakfast?" into a no-brainer.

Imagine this: You're standing on the platform, the train's just minutes away, and your stomach's singing the blues. This is when McDonald’s plays its triumphant tune, offering you the substantial, tasty bite that flips that hunger script, turning grumbles into mumbles of satisfaction.

And the ‘with whom’? Bring along a colleague and transform the daily grind into a moment to bond over a cup of steaming hot McCafé® coffee. Who says you can't mix a bit of pleasure with the day's business?

But wait, there's more! Pair your breakfast sandwich with anything on our morning menu — be it a fresh fruit bag for that dash of health or a delightful hash brown for the comfort factor.

Join the McMorning revolution and redefine your morning commute from just another journey to the highlight of your day. Because at McDonald’s, we don’t just serve breakfast, we serve the fuel that fires up your day. Stop by or order through our app — we'll make sure your morning ride starts on a high note.


By digging into the nuts and bolts of CEPs and contextual behaviour models, we can devise a marketing strategy that doesn't just talk at consumers, but talks to them — exactly when and where they're most receptive. Such a strategic approach guarantees that our messaging is not only heard but felt, building that crucial emotional connection that drives brand loyalty and action.

Our McMorning campaign is just one example of how an in-depth understanding of CEPs and consumer behaviour models provide the tools for clever moment marketing. Whether it's the daily commute, a post-workout refuel, or a weekend family brunch, our goal is to anchor McDonald’s in the minds of consumers as the top choice, no matter the hunger situation.

In the B2B2C space, where our campaigns must satisfy complex channels and cater to both business imperatives and consumer desires, the fusion of category entry points with behaviour-driven triggers allows us to create content that resonates, influences, and converts.

At Owen, we're not just marketers; we're "The B2B2C Trailblazers," and our unique strategic process ensures we stay ahead of the curve. We invite businesses to harness these insights to forge stronger connections and drive remarkable outcomes. Join us as we navigate this intricate landscape, linking brands to consumers with precision and creativity.

With a practice rooted in deep consumer understanding and a commitment to impactful communication, every piece of content can become a catalyst for action — a magic moment where brand meets buyer, and 'opportunity' aligns perfectly with 'need'.


Thank you for joining us on this exploration of strategic marketing. If you're ready to amplify your brand's presence and unlock the full potential of each consumer interaction, reach out to Owen—the agency that transforms great insights into extraordinary results. Let's blaze new trails together.



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