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Is your B2B2C
marketing a tangled mess? Fixing the stakeholder knot.

Ah, the wonderful world of B2B2C marketing in retail finance. It's like a high-stakes game of 'Twister' – you, your consumer finance products, and a gaggle of brokers all tangled up, reaching for different coloured dots. Everyone's got their own agenda, but are they spinning the same wheel?

If your marketing feels more like a human pretzel than a well-oiled machine, it's time to unravel those pesky stakeholder relationships.


Understanding the B2B2C beast

B2B2C is a different animal from your run-of-the-mill B2B or B2C. It's not just about wooing customers; you need those middlemen (aka brokers) to be your biggest cheerleaders. They're like the Robin to your Batman – an essential sidekick for your brand. So why does getting everyone on the same page feel like herding cats?

Conflicting goals: You're in it for the long haul, building brand value. Brokers might be more interested in making a quick buck. And customers? They just want a product that works. It's like a marketing tug-of-war!

Data black holes: You're sitting on a treasure trove of customer data, but are brokers spilling their secrets? When information is locked up tighter than Fort Knox, nobody wins.

Too many cooks spoil the broth: Marketing by committee is like trying to cook with a dozen chefs in the kitchen. The result? A bland, watered-down campaign that satisfies no one.

Evidence-based solutions

Before you start hyperventilating, take a deep breath. Evidence-based marketing is here to save the day! Ditch those tired old loyalty programs and hyper-targeted segmentation strategies. It's time to focus on flexing your brand muscle:

  • Penetration Trumps Loyalty: Want to supercharge your brand growth? Forget loyalty and think penetration. Attract those light category buyers who are just waiting to be wooed by your products.
  • Make It Easy: Your brokers and customers are busier than a one-armed juggler. They rely on mental shortcuts to get through the day. Make sure your brand is always top-of-mind and easy to find.
  • Streamline for Brokers: In the broker world, loyalty schemes can be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. An elaborate broker rewards program that just leaves brokers scratching their heads isn’t going to help anyone. Instead of jumping through hoops, brokers needed a simplified marketing toolkit and a focus on reeling in new customers.

Owen's take

At Owen, we're like the MacGyvers of B2B2C marketing – give us a paperclip and some chewing gum, and we'll untangle any knot. We've seen those complex loyalty schemes that give brokers a migraine without really moving the needle. Our approach? Maximum brand impact for both brokers and their customers.

Ready to straighten out your B2B2C results? Give Owen a shout for a personalised assessment and some seriously strategic recommendations. We'll help you navigate the wonderful world of B2B2C without tying yourself up in knots!



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